Upcoming Local Films: Gold Star by Victoria Negri

Article written by Ian Applegate.

"A girl. Her dad. The 65 years separating them." Those are the few words utilized by filmmaker Victoria Negri to describe her film project, Gold Star, which is already funded on Kickstarter with fifteen more days to go. The film itself is about the relationship between a young woman and her much-older father. It's clearly a very personal story, based deeply on factual real-life experience, which makes for the best kind of art: that which celebrates the lives of real people and highlights the complexity of the human condition, in all of its unique forms. 

To be filmed in September in Connecticut, the project could use more funding. I recommend watching the trailer because it's where I got all the information for this write-up. And if you're in the lucrative position to financially contribute to a good cause, and you have an affinity for the arts, this is an investment equivocal to that which should yield great rewards. 

ArtSpot! Returns

ArtSpot! Returns March 27, 2014 at Fred Giampietro Gallery in Erector Square   

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (March 5, 2014)—– The Arts Council of Greater New Haven is happy to announce the return of ArtSpot! The art inspired happy hour will kick off on Thursday, March 27, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at Fred Giampietro Gallery, 315 Peck Street in New Haven, CT. It is the first of a series of seasonal events. On view in the gallery will be artwork by Richard Lytle and Blinn Jacobs. Join us for a night of art, live jazz, drinks and mingling. Tickets are $10 for Arts Council members and $15 for non-members. Ticket includes two free drinks and refreshments.

For nearly 6 years ArtSpot! served as a regular monthly event for business professionals at various New Haven arts institutions before it ended in 2008.  The events provided a wonderful way for the community to discover the arts, meet new friends and make a few lasting memories.
Our goal for the new ArtSpot! is to host the event once per season to help foster conversations about art, inspire professional and artistic collaborations and to provide a great and exciting event that the entire New Haven community can be part of. Check out our ArtSpot! article on the new #ARTNHV Blog.

For more information about ArtSpot! call the Arts Council at (203) 772-2788

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, publisher of The Arts Paper, is a regional nonprofit arts agency that provides leadership to and advocates for member artists and arts organizations and connects them to one another, to audiences, and to the Greater New Haven community. Visit the Arts Council online at newhavenarts.org.

Feruvius Show this Weekend

Having begun as an attempt to produce one image a day for the year, the "one-a-day" series, never having fulfilled that expectation, has proven to tell a different story than originally intended.

Parallel to the visual journey of the "one-a-days" is the written journey that is kept within the Journal.

With over 400 3.5/2.5in "one a days" and 1100 pages of writing since 2010 "Kind of Chronological" will present each image with a passage from the journal transcribed on the back that correlates to the date the image was created.

About the Journal:

The journal is a chronicle of self-realization; a creative undertaking guided by the principle:

"The personal life deeply lived always transcends to truths that are universal." - Anais Nin

It is my goal and my belief that by sharing my own process of self-discovery in writing that others may find revealed fragments of their own journey reflected therein.

The Journal passages I have chosen were made in the attempt to most honor Anais Nin's principle of personal/universal transcendence.

Exhibition dates
Saturday, March 15th, 12pm - 7pm
Sunday, March 16th, 12pm - 5pm

Studio Feruvius @ Erector Sq.
315 Peck St.
New Haven, CT

Building 3, 2nd floor, Studio M

Artist at Work Photo Exhibition & Panel Discussion

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (January 27, 2014)— As part of CT at Work, an initiative of CT Humanities, the Arts Council of Greater New Haven presents Artists at Work, a photography exhibit of regional artists by Chris Randall, in vacant storefronts in the Audubon Arts District on the north side of Audubon Street in New Haven, Connecticut. The exhibition showcases artists as part of the workforce, illustrating where and how they work. We hope each image inspires the emerging artists throughout the area to pursue their dreams of making art their profession. It is our goal to generate conversation among viewers and celebrate the work of artists in our community.  The artists featured in the photography exhibition are writer Debby Applegate, violinist Colin Benn, spoken word artist Frank Brady, graphic designer  George Corsillo, graphic designer/visual artist Susan McCaslin, children’s book illustrator and writer Deborah Freedman, sculptor Ann Lehman, dancer Adele Meyers, Flamenco guitarist Val Ramos, actor Steve Routman, painter Gordon Skinner and soul singer Avery Wilson. The exhibition will be on view Friday, January 24 through the end of February.

In conjunction with the Artists at Work exhibition, the Arts Council will present a panel discussion featuring some of the artists who appear in the photos. The discussion, moderated by Dr. Susan Cahan, Dean of the Arts for Yale College, will explore issues of working artists such as the lack of job security and stability, realities of the hybrid careers that artists create, and overcoming the stigma of the “starving artist.”  The panel presentation will take place on Wednesday, February 5th at 5:30 pm at The Bourse

These programs are part of Connecticut at Work, a year-long conversation about the past, present and future of work life in Connecticut created by Connecticut Humanities.

For more information about Artists at Work please call the Arts Council at (203) 772-2788 or visit newhavenarts.org. To learn more about Connecticut at Work visit cthumanities.org/ctatwork

The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, publisher of The Arts Paper, is a regional nonprofit arts agency that provides leadership to and advocates for member artists and arts organizations and connects them to one another, to audiences, and to the Greater New Haven community. Visit the Arts Council online at newhavenarts.org.

Connecticut at Work travels across the state through December 2014. The program features the Smithsonian Institution’s The Way We Worked exhibition, with stops in seven communities: New Haven, Torrington, Hartford, Waterbury, Coventry, Stamford and Groton. Surrounding communities are adding local focus with community history exhibits, book and film discussions, author talks, performances and more. Connecticut at Work is an initiative of Connecticut Humanities, a non-profit affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Connecticut tour of The Way We Worked is made possible by CT Humanities and Historic New England. For a calendar of events and more visit cthumanities.org/ctatwork


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